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About James


 I’m James Patillo, a local business owner in Alexandria, VA. I help businesses and homeowners focus on their goals by handling some of the smaller tasks. I have developed a love of fitness and now I hit the gym daily. Follow me and reach out if you could use my help.

James Patillo – My Story

I’ve been building websites for over 20 years. It is an excellent way to brand yourself to make more money, get more dates, and have more fun. You may think that all you need is Instagram (or Facebook if you’re on the older side), but a website can funnel anyone who googles you right to your social media…or your business…or your hobby. 

Websites taught me about providing value. Before that, there was doing nice things for people, and doing work for money. Value to me is being an integral part of getting someone else what they need or desire. To really give it, you have to want to. It needs to feel good like a hot meal on a cold day. When I’m in that mindset, I can get amazing results for anyone I work with.

That’s awesome.

By the way, I drop new posts regularly and I appreciate hearing feedback. Email me if you have gems to share.

You can’t win an argument, but you can get points for irritation.

What are you up to?

Two things really. First, to quote Dr. Peterson, “In order to be able to think, you have to risk being offensive.” Various topics I wish to cover will be triggering to some and I will not shy away from such topics to appease snowflake sensibilities. Call this my safe space. 🙂

The second reason is to curate a list of intelligent people who have a sane outlook on living in a community as populated and diverse as Northern Virginia (and America at large). With this list, I will shamelessly plug affiliate links. hahahahaha…ha.

interests and such

On the off chance you are at all interested in my personal life (and since this is the “About Me” page), there are some lists below just for you.

Nerd Stuff I Do

  • Android Dev
  • Web Dev
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Manage Servers

Nerd Stuff I Listen To

  • Physics Podcasts
  • Psychology Podcasts
  • Technology Podcasts
  • Classical Music

Fun Stuff I Want To Do

  • Archery
  • Horseback Riding
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Boxing

Local Businesses

If you are in the area, we would love to hear from you.

Commercial Cleaning

DC Office Cleaning

Do you feel like you need to shower after using the office restroom? Well it depends on what you did in there. We can help with the toilet though.

Residential Cleaning

Maid in Alexandria

More than a house cleaner, Maid in Alexandria focuses on a more holistic approach including dishwashing and laundry.

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